Leaving NTU

All visiting students must complete the de-registration procedures before leaving NTU.

De-registration Procedures

Step 1

Log-in to the "Online De-registration System", select "Online De-registration Form" and follow the instructions to fill out the form. After that, please download the form and print it out.

Step 2

Collect stamps from the offices listed on your deregistration form.

Step 3

Upload a scan or photo of your stamped de-registration form to the Online De-registration System. Do not submit your form directly to the Office of International Affairs.

Step 4

Upload your visiting report or your blog link to the Online De-registration System by February 1 for Fall Semester or August 1 for Spring Semester exchange students.

If you have completed the above de-registration procedures, you shall expect to receive 2 copies of your official transcripts, in both Chinese and English version, to the international office in your home university by registered mail.

Please note that the transcripts are estimated to be sent out after March 1  for  Fall Semester, or September 10 for Spring Semester exchange students.


1. Once you have completed the de-registration procedures, your student ID card and NTU Mail Service will become invalid, so you are suggested to do the de-registration 1 or 2 days before leaving NTU.

2. If you do not submit your visiting report or stamped de-registration form by the deadline, the OIA will not mail your official transcripts.

Grades and Official Transcript

A few weeks after final exams, you may check your grades online by visiting myNTU at: my.ntu.edu.tw >> Students >> Curriculum >> Grades Inquiries. Your grades may not all be available simultaneously since some instructors may delay submitting grades to the Office of Academic Affairs. However, all grades should be available by the end of summer/winter break.

If  it is urgent for you to get the transcripts before we send it out, you should order through NTU Online Transcript Order System or purchase at the printing machine outside the Office of Academic Affairs (Room 106, 1st Administration Building) if you are still here. If you need official transcripts with school seal on the envelop, please order your transcripts through the NTU Online Transcript Order System: my.ntu.edu.tw >> Student >> Curriculum >> Online Transcrip Order System.

Last update : 2022 / 03 / 18