During Study

On-Campus Resources

  • After successful registration, you will receive a student ID card. You are able to access essential services on campus such as the library, sport facilities, on-campus wireless, etc..
  • Please check your privilege for the library circulation services by visiting the website of NTU Library >> Circulation Services. Your status is "Visiting Scholar (Graduate Student)".
  • Visiting Student Guidebook: The Post-Arrival Guidebook is a handbook which covers various topics such as "Visa," "Finance," "Campus Life," and "Well-being," which are beneficial for getting started with your life at NTU. However, please note that sections related to "Academics," "Extending/Shortening Exchange Period," and "Leaving NTU" are not applicable to research visiting students.


Certificate of Enrollment:

  • During your time at NTU, there may be instances where you require a Certificate of Enrollment for various purposes such as visa extension, or receiving student discounts for public transportation. Please contact your program manager to apply for a Certificate of Enrollment (hard copy only).


Extending Visa (for Visitor Visa holders)

  • The Visitor Visa usually gives the permission to stay for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days. Depending on your program period, it might not be long enough in the first place. 
  • Visitor Visa holders whose visas do not bear the remark "no extension," have the option to apply for extensions at local service centers of the National Immigration Agency. It is important to follow the immigration regulations and apply for the necessary visa extensions to ensure that your stay in Taiwan remains lawful. 
  • For detailed information and assistance with the visa extension process, please contact the National Immigration Agency or consult with the program coordinator.

Last update : 2024 / 04 / 16