After Arrival

Post-Arrival Guidebook 

GO TO NTU - Post-Arrival Guidebook is a very useful guidebook during your stay at NTU. It includes useful tips and information on such topics as course selection, campus life, etc.

Click on the picture below to view or download the AY 2023/2024 Post-Arrival Guidebook. This guidebook is periodically updated and may not always contain current or complete information.

Welcome Activities

OIA prepared a series of welcome activities to welcome all the international students to National Taiwan University. The welcome activities include a Campus Tour, Orientation Session, Registration, and the Chinese Placement Test. All international students, including degree students, exchange students, and visiting students are welcome to join!

By fully participating in the activities, you will get to know more about the university facilities, services, tips to survive, etc. Also, by completing the registration procedure, you will receive your student ID card.

Please access the page of Welcome Week to get the most updated information.  


Registration Procedure

For On-site Visiting Students 

Applicable to visiting students who are joining the on-site visiting program.

Students who not yet completed the quarantine and self-health management by the day of registration (in the designated time slot) should contact OIA for a make-up registration. 

1.  Fill in your emergency contact in Taiwan

Log in to >> Students >> Personal Information >> Personal Information with your NTU student account, and complete the form.

l  All the blanks on the page are mandatory items.

l  You are requested to have a contact number in Taiwan, and at least one emergency contact who is reachable in Taiwan. Your emergency contact can be one of your friends or student volunteer. Please get their permission first before you fill in their names and phone numbers.

2.  Complete both tuition fee and program fee payment and get the receipts

l   For Tuition Fee payment, log in to Tuition & Fees Payment Invoice with your NTU student account, and download your payment sheet. Completing the payment at the post office or convince stores in Taiwan*, and keep the receipt.
Note: Overseas remittance or credit card payment is not available.

l   For Program Fee payment, download your payment sheet from NTU Visiting Student Program System >>Payment >>Program Fee.

3.  Bring the following items to the registration venue:


Registration Notice

Mobile screen


B-1) Receipt for Program Fee

B-2) Receipt for NTU Tuition Fee

Hard copy


NTU Health Examination Form & Form C

Original hard copy


Insurance proof or a valid National Health Insurance (NHI) card



International Student Declaration Form (Signed)

Original hard copy with signature


If you have difficulty to submit all the above documents on the day of registration, please contact your NTU exchange coordinator to schedule a make-up registration.

If you cannot come for in-person registration because of any reason, please also contact your NTU exchange coordinator to schedule a make-up registration



Extend or Shorten Your Visiting Period

Who can apply?

The maximum exchange period at NTU is one academic year. If you are originally admitted for one semester of exchange, you may apply for an extension upon gaining an approval from NTU; if you are originally admitted for one academic year, but wish to shorten due to personal reasons, you may apply to shorten your exchange period.

When is the deadline?

Mid-October (for First semester) or early-April (for Second semester)

How to apply?

Please consult with NTU visiting program coordinator for further information.




Last update : 2024 / 04 / 16