International Alumni Reunion

1st National Taiwan University Alumni Reunion 2024 

The National Taiwan University 1st Alumni Reunion in 2024 is a cherished gathering, bringing together alumni from across the globe to celebrate their shared experiences and connections. Their presence adds profound significance to this event, enriching the collective memories of our alma mater. As the reunion draws to a close with a perfect group photo, it symbolizes the enduring bonds of camaraderie and unity within the NTU community.
This reunion not only honors our past but also paves the way for future interactions and collaborations. It signifies the ongoing commitment of NTU to fostering lifelong relationships with its alumni. Moving forward, this reunion is poised to become a cherished tradition, offering alumni an opportunity to reconnect, reminisce, and create new memories together.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the alumni who have traveled from near and far to be part of this momentous occasion. Your presence has made this reunion truly special, and we eagerly anticipate the continuation of this tradition in the years to come. Thank you for being an integral part of the NTU legacy and for enriching our community with your participation.


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Last update : 2024 / 03 / 21