Leaving NTU

Before graduation, you need to complete an online procedure to receive your diploma. To complete the procedure, please log in to MyNTU > Student > Graduation > Steps for Application to Leave School

You may download the Leaving NTU procedure guide here (pdf):

  1. Undergraduate student
  2. Graduate student

You also need to come to OIA to complete:

  1. The International Degree Student Satisfaction Survey
  2. The International Student Declaration Form
  3. The NHI tranfer out procedure at OIA

If you are a dual degree student, please consult to your department office about relevant procedures for graduation and leaving NTU. You must also come to OIA to complete the NHI tranfer out procedure.

For graduate students, you must submit your thesis to the library and your department in order to receive you diploma.

Please see the library's guide for thesis/disseration submission: Notices on the Submission of Theses/Dissertations and the Graduation Procedure

Electronic Thesis/Dissertations Service System: Tutorial guide for the required thesis file format and conversion process

ARC Extension after Graduating

Once you graduate, if your ARC purpose of residence is Study at NTU, it will be cancelled within two weeks.

However, do not fret! If you would like to find a job or continue to study in Taiwan, you may apply for ARC extension for 1 year twice (for a total of 2 years). All you need to do is take your NTU graduation diploma to the National Immigration Office, and you can apply for the extension. You can use this extension time to seek employment, internships, and/or apply for other visas to remain in Taiwan. 

For more information, please refer to the ARC online application system

Internship and Employment in Taiwan after Graduating


As many graduates want to pursue internships in Taiwan, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced new regulations for those who wish to extend their ARC for internship opportunities:

Operation Directions Governing Applications from Overseas Chinese Students, Students from Hong Kong and Macao, and International Students for Internships after Graduating from University / College in Taiwan

The NTU Career Center is responsible for all the extension submissions. If you plan on doing an internship after completing your degree, please submit this Application form to the Career Center before June 1.

For more information, please contact NTU Career Center.



If you would like to seek employment after graduating, you may want to apply to be evaluated via a national point system. This system assigns a certain number of points to the applicant according their qualifications, as well as the criteria set for employers. 

If you meet the required points and score more than 70, then you may present this self-eveluation form along with other relevant documents, including graduation certificates and/or diplomas, labor agreements, curriculum vitae and certificates of foreign language abilities to the company or institute that would like to hire you. 

The point system evalutation includes academic records, salary levels, work experience, job qualifications, Chinese language and other foreign language abilities, as well as growth experience. More information about the items in the point system and the required documents for application can be found in the attachment below.

For more detailed information about this evaluation, please check out the Ministry of Labor’s website and go to the special section for Overseas Chinese and Foreign Graduates of Universities in Taiwan.

Their contact information is: (02)2380-1712 or (02)2380-1725. 


Last update : 2024 / 01 / 03