Upon Arrival

Fill Out Your Emergency Contact in Taiwan

1. Activate your NTU account: 

  • Access the website of Computer and Information Networking Center (changepassword.cc.ntu.edu.tw) to change your password and activate your account.
    • Username: Your student ID number
    • Preset password: a+date of birth (yyyymmdd)
  • If you encounter any issues with logging in or have questions regarding the activation of your student account, please directly contact the Computer and Information Networking Center at <cchelp@ntu.edu.tw>.

 2. Fill in your contact information in Taiwan: 

  • Log in https://my.ntu.edu.tw/ >> Students >> Personal Information >> Registration of Personal Information, and fill in your contact information in Taiwan.
  • All the blanks on the page are mandatory items.
  • Provide your contact number and emergency contact details. Both contact numbers should be reachable within Taiwan.
  • It is also mandatory to provide an autobiography, which should be written in either English or Chinese.

Registration Procedure

1. Reserve A Day for Registration: 

  • Date: It should the first day of your program 
  • Time: Monday-Friday between 13:30-16:30. Select a timeslot through https://ntuoiaisss2.setmore.com/nondegree4
  • Location: Office of International Affairs, Lixian Hall 7th floor (map

2. Checklist for the Registration Documents

  • A complete form with your contact information in Taiwan
  • Insurance Proof
  • Signed International Student Declaration Form (download)
  • Medical Examination (Form C): Can skip this item if your program period is under three months.
  • Enough cash for program fee payment


Last update : 2023 / 07 / 12