Before Arrival

Application Result Notice

  • The review process for applications usually takes approximately 4~6 weeks before the final admission results are announced. We will send you the admission result by email. 

  • Upon successful acceptance of your application, you will receive a Letter of Invitation from NTU, the Consent Letter from the Ministry of Education, and a registration notice. These documents will provide important information for your enrollment at NTU.



You may need to apply for a Visitor Visa in your country of residence before entering Taiwan. Please contact Taiwan (R.O.C.) diplomatic mission in your country or region for the required documents, latest information and advice. 



You are required to submit proof of medical and accident insurance before arriving in Taiwan. 

Please provide proof of insurance in Chinese or English valid for your entire exchange period for the following:
 - Accident insurance worth a minimum of TWD 1,000,000 (approx. USD 34,000)
 - Medical insurance worth a minimum of TWD 1,000,000 (approx. USD 34,000)

Please email the document to 14 days before your registration date. 


Health Exam 

  • According to Taiwanese regulation, all foreign students who will stay in Taiwan for over 3 months must submit a Medical Examination before enrollment. Click here to print out the form, and complete all items on the form by a qualified doctor in your home country. Submit the original hard copies to NTU on the day of registration.
  • You have the option to conduct a health exam at a local hospital (list) within 14 days after arriving in Taiwan. However, please note that it takes time to collect the report from the hospital. Make sure you have the complete health form in hand before the day of registration.


Fee Payment 

  • In the admission result email, the program manager will notify you with the amount of program fee that you should pay. Bring enough cash with you, and pay on the day of registration.
  • For Mainland passport holders, you will need to pay an additional TWD 1,000 for the handling fee for the entry permit application.


Pre-Arrival Guidebook

  • The Pre-arrival Guidebook is a handbook designed for prospective visiting students. It contains useful information and guidelines related to topics such as "Visa," "Finance,"Survival Information", and “Maps”, which can assist you in making necessary preparations before your arrival in Taiwan. 
  • However, please note that chapters such as "NTU Identity," "Course Selection," and "Health Exam and Insurance" are not applicable to research visiting students.

Last update : 2024 / 06 / 28