Take Leave/Withdrawal and Re-enrollment

Leave of Absence/Withdawal

As an international student, you may submit a leave of absence or withdrawal application in-person or online.
Please complete the application form and submit it to either the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Dvision or the Graduate Academic Affairs Division.
Application forms can be downloaded through Office of Academic Affairs website, or below. 

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Wesbite

  1. Withdrawal from School Application (Undergraduate)
  2. Leave of Absence Application (Undergraduate)

Graduate Academic Affairs Website

  1. Withdrawal from School Application (Graduate)
  2. Leave of Absence Application (Graduate)

Leave of Absence Application Procedure

If you would like to apply for a leave of absence, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to myNTU > NTU Life Information > Student Leave (student) to print out the application form
  2. Go to all the designated Offices to process it and collect their stamps.
  3. Hand in the Application form to the Office of Academic Affairs


If you would like to re-enroll to NTU after your leave of absence period is over, please simply pay the tuition fee of the semester within the payment deadline.
If you applied for leave of absence and would like to re-enroll to NTU in advance, you are required to submit Early Reenollment Application to Office of Academic Affiars. You can download the form on their website, or below:

Reenrollment Application Forms

  1. Early Reenrollment Application Form (Undergraduate)
  2. Early Reenrollment Application Form (Graduate) 

ARC and NHI status

Please note that once you take leave or withdraw from NTU, your student status will be suspended. If the purpose of residence your ARC is studying at NTU, your ARC will be cancelled, and your NHI will be transfered out from NTU. Please make the appropriate prior arrangments regarding your residence status in Taiwan.

Last update : 2022 / 01 / 26