Course Information

No matter if you are here to complete a degree at NTU or if you are an exchange student ready to study abroad, you might be curious about the list of courses of various programs and departments at NTU. The below sources of information can be useful for you if you are currently in search of suitable courses. 


For degree students: 

If you are a degree student we recommend you directly check the website of the department you want to enroll in. To check for the list of colleges and departments please visit the NTU website. You will be able to access the college or department website by clicking on the name of it. If you have problems with finding the list of courses on the department website, please contact the department through email. 


For non-degree students (exchange or visiting):

If you are a non-degree student (exchange or visiting student) we also encourage you to first check for the list of colleges and departments at NTU too to gain a general idea about where you can look for courses. Non-degree students can take courses from all colleges and departments as long as they are not restricted. To check the courses restrictions for non-degree students please go to the Exchange Program or Visiting Program page. 


Searching for the Courses:

There are two main systems that have all the information about the taught courses at NTU:


NTU Course Information System 

Is a system that has the information of all the courses taught until now at NTU. It gives different ways of searching for courses where the most popular are: 

  1. Fast Search - you can search for courses by course title; instructor name; course number; serial number; keyword, etc.; 
  2. Courses Conducted in English - you can search for English taught courses 
  3. Courses by Department/Grad. Institute - you can search for courses according to the college and department; 

Please note that the list of courses is updated 1 month before the beginning of the semester. When checking for courses information we would suggest you to change the semester accordingly in the left top corner. 

After you found a course that might interest you, you can click on it to check for the course information or syllabus. If you would like to find out more about the course you can email the professor directly. If you have the student account activated you can find the professor email by clicking on his/her name. If you do not have a NTU student account yet you can search for the professor contact information on his department website.

To check more information please go to NTU Course Information System.


 NTU Curriculum Mapping System 

This System has all the courses taught until now at NTU but it does not divide them according to the language they were taught. It is the best tool for the student to understand the educational objectives of particular departments. The courses are divided into types so it is easy to understand if the particular department focus suits you or if the course covers the topic you need. 

To check more information please go to NTU Curriculum Mapping System

Last update : 2022 / 01 / 26