Chinese Learning Courses

Free Chinese Language Courses 

These are Chinese language courses for international students  undertaking degree programs (undergraduate and graduate degree programs) and non-degree programs (exchange and visiting student programs). These courses are offered free of charge and can be taken for credits. Learn more about the options for Chinese language learning for NTU students here.

Chinese Learning Programs 

NTU provides several specialized language programs for international students not enrolled in degree or non-degree programs at NTU. Those students wishing to fully focus on studying language in Taiwan can apply to the below programs. 

NTU Plus Academy Short-Term Programs

NTU Plus Academy provides intriguing courses for students from around the world to experience Taiwan and NTU for 4-6 weeks through topic-based short-term programs, including language learning programs. All courses can be taken for credits, and students will be provided a transcript and certificate upon completion.

Chinese Language & Culture

With different themes that tie together daily language class, cultural activities and interactions with locals, this course also offers a series of English-language lectures and field trips for students to explore specific environmental and sociocultural aspects of Taiwan.


Advanced Chinese Sinology

The two courses offered, Modern Taiwanese Literature and Culture, and Chinese Lyric Poetry, aim at cultivating students’ abilities to understand reading materials, comprehend culture and become familiar with research trends. In addition to academic courses, students also visit sites that hold significant cultural meaning.


Chinese Translation & Culture

Designed especially for non-native Chinese-speakers with advanced English and Chinese skills, this course helps establish a solid foundation in Chinese-English translation. The program also includes excursions for an in-depth exploration of the diversity of Taiwan.


Chinese Language Division of the Language Center (CLD)

Chinese Language Division of the Language Center (CLD) has year-round Mandarin Chinese programs for all levels of proficiencies. Classes are conducted in Chinese even for beginners, offering an all-Chinese-speaking environment, and encouraging students to speak in Chinese under all circumstances. CLD also arranges orientation and campus tours for new students, as well as spring and autumn excursions to famous cultural attractions.


For more information visit their website. 


International Chinese Language Program (ICLP)

International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) offers year-long intensive total immersion programs at 20 hours per week for serious Chinese-language learners. Available in both traditional and simplified Chinese, the courses provided cover a wide range of professional and practical subjects, including culture, news, films, business, law, literature, classical Chinese, translation, etc. ICLP features small class sizes (1-4 students), long-term and short-term customized programs, frequent guest lectures, and extra-curricular programs such as pronunciation, calligraphy, debate, creative writing, Chinese painting classes, and more.


For more information visit their website. 

Last update : 2022 / 01 / 27