Group Medical Insurance

Background and Regulation

Following Taiwan government regulations, international students must register for health insurance during their stay in Taiwan. Students staying in Taiwan with a valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for over six months continuously must enroll in National Health Insurance (NHI). Prior to registering for NHI, we will automatically enroll you in Group Medical Insurance.

Note: If you would like to use another insurance that you have purchased from your home country instead of joining Group Medical Insurance, you must have the insurance verified by the Taiwan Embassy/Mission in your home country.

Payment Details

The Group Medical Insurance fee is NTD 3,000 per semester (NTD 500/month) and is a non-refundable payment. The insurance fee will be included in the your tuition and administrative fees for each semester, and should be completed together before the payment deadline. 

Medical Treatment Procedures

If you would like to receive medical treatment, please follow the procedures below. You can check the insurance coverage (below) to make sure your medical treatment is included under this insurance.

  1. Go to any hospital or clinic for treatment. NTU students are recommended to visit NTU Health Center as it is on campus and easily accessible.
  2. Claim for a certificate of your diagnosis from your doctor.
  3. Complete the full payment of the treatment and make sure to obtain both the payment receipt and certificate of diagnosis.

Note: Obtaining a medical diagnosis report comes with a fee, and the cost can differ based on the healthcare facility.

Compensation Application Procedures

To claim compensation, please submit the following documents to OIA in person. We will submit your application to the insurance company.

  1. Original payment receipt or the photocopy of the payment receipt with the original stamp from the hospital/clinic
  2. Original certificate of diagnosis
  3. Photocopy of your post office passbook cover
  4. Compensation Application Form
    a. Download this form and fill it out
    b. Click here for insturctions on filling out the form. (This form is for guidance only, please fill out the original form).
  5. Photocopy of passport
  6. Photocopy of ARC

Note: For the same symptoms, the insurance company only covers one visit per day. The maximum coverage per visit is TWD 1,000, and does NOT include the hospital or clinic registration fee.

Insurance Coverage


  • Physicians and specialists consultations, medical treatment and surgery
  • Prescribed medicines and injections
  • Diagnostic laboratory tests and surgical appliances


  • Physicians and specialists consultations, medical treatment and surgery
  • Prescribed medicines and injections
  • Diagnostic laboratory tests and surgical appliances
  • Basic room and board including general nursing care
  • Policy Coverage:
    Insurance covers accidents or sickness occurring in Taiwan (ROC). Accidents or sicknesses that require specialized medical care or that have occurred before the insurance policy was taken out will not be covered.


This policy does not cover medical treatment incurred by the following situations or personal behavior:

  • Suicidal behavior, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, overdose, any sickness or damage result from illegal behavior and warfare
  • Complication incurred by vibriosis, pregnancy, miscarriage or labor
  • Health exams, optical correction, inoculation, elective cosmetic surgery, dental scaling, denture, prosthesis, ocular prosthesis
  • Ambulance, diagnosis statement, the fee for assigning doctors, special nursing, any costs not relevant to the treatment
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus, Hemophilia, Hyperhidrosis, AIDS-Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, sexually transmitted disease, congenital disorder, vasectomy, organ transplant, and any disease diagnosed before the insurance policy taken out
  • Hospitalized patients with dental therapies, medical care, and rehabilitation

Last update : 2023 / 10 / 27