Application Timeline

The application process for the Research Visiting Program is conducted entirely online. Once you have identified a supervisor, please send an email to the program manager to request the application system link. Here is an overview of the application timeline:

1. Application Start:

  • It is recommended to begin your application process three months before your intended start date.
  • Refer to the “Overview” page and find an NTU faculty member who is willing to act as your supervisor for the program. You should provide the template of the “Letter of Consent” to the professor and receive their signatures. Next, contact the program manager to obtain the application system link. 

2. Application Deadline:

  • The online application must be fully completed and submitted no later than two months prior to your intended start date.
  • Late applications will not be accepted, so it's crucial to follow the deadline.

By following the suggested timeline and ensuring that all application materials are submitted within the specified timeframe, you can increase your chances of a successful application process for the Research Visiting Program.


Application Procedure

1. Obtain the Application System Link

  • Contact the program manager to request the link for the application system.

2. Complete the Online Application

  • Log in to the application system using the provided link. Fill in the online application form, make the necessary payment, and upload the required documents. You will find a list of required documents and instructions in the next paragraph.
  • Once you have submitted the online application, please contact the program manager to initiate the review process.
  • Please note that submitted applications cannot be modified. If you need to make any modifications, reach out to the program manager.

3. Track the application status

  • Use your email address and date of birth (yyyymmdd) to log in to the application system and check the status of your application.
  • You will receive an email notification from the program manager directly if any unqualified documents need to be resubmitted.

4. Receiving the Admission Result

  • The review process for applications usually takes approximately 4~6 weeks before the final admission results are announced. We will send you the admission result by email. 
  • Please note that during the review process, we are unable to accommodate requests for speeding up the progress. If you have a specific deadline for obtaining admission materials, we recommend calculating the application timeline accordingly to ensure it aligns with your needs. 
  • Upon successful acceptance of your application, you will receive a Letter of Invitation from NTU, the Consent Letter from the Ministry of Education, and a registration notice. These documents will provide important information for your enrollment at NTU.


Application Documents

All documents must be clear color photocopies of the original documents. The photocopies should be in either Chinese or English. Please ensure that the photocopies are legible and easy to read.




Upload format


ID Photo

Provide a digital ID photo that meets the government regulations for passport or identification purposes. Ensure that the photo is clear, recent, and follows the specified guidelines.



Statement of Purpose

  • Write a statement in either English or Chinese, with a maximum length of 2 pages. 
  • **NOTE: If you are applying for the purpose of an internship, your statement must include an internship plan. Provide detailed information about the specific tasks, responsibilities, and objectives of your intended internship. Explain how this internship aligns with the requirements of your academic program or graduation.



Academic Records (optional)

Provide a color photocopy of an official transcript in either English or Chinese. The transcript should include a comprehensive record of all the courses you have taken during your current degree level.



Passport/PRC ID Card

  • Submit a color photocopy of the personal information page of your passport. 
  • If you are a Mainland Chinese applicant who never has a passport, you should submit a color photocopy of your PRC identity card instead.



Letter of Consent from NTU Host Professor

  • Click here to download the form. 
  • This form serves as a confirmation letter from your host professor, expressing their agreement to act as your supervisor during your visiting period at NTU.
  • It is important to ensure that the program dates on the form match the dates in the application system.



Letter of Recommendation from Home Institution

  • Provide a letter of recommendation from an academic representative at your home institution. The recommender should be someone who is academically acquainted with you and can provide insights into your academic abilities. 
  • The recommendation letter can be written in either English or Chinese.
  • Recommenders have the option to send the letter directly to the program manager.



Certificate of Enrollment

A. For Internship Purpose :

  • Submit a certificate of enrollment in English or Chinese issued by your home university, indicating your current valid student status. 
  • The certificate should be issued within the past two months and explicitly state that you are required to conduct an internship to fulfill graduation requirements. Additionally, the certificate should include the intended start and end dates of your internship.

B. For Thesis Writing/Research Purpose:

  • This requirement is applicable only to graduate students. (For undergraduate students, you can only apply for “internship purpose”.)
  • Submit a certificate of enrollment in English or Chinese issued by your home university, indicating your current valid student status and level of study (Master's or Ph.D.). 
  • The certificate should be issued within the past two months.



Proof of Payment for the Application Fee

  • Download the payment details from the "Payment" section of the online application system, and complete the payment.
  • Upload the proof of payment for your application fee. It can be a receipt, transaction record, or any document that confirms the successful payment of your application fee. 



Additional documents

For Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong, or Macau passport holders, please refer to the Chinese version of the website for specific application instructions. (持有中國大陸、香港或澳門地區護照者,請參照訪問研究計畫中文版網頁)




  • NTU dormitories are open for application but not guaranteed due to a shortage of housing space. Please indicate your room preferences in the application system, and your application will be placed on a waiting list. Currently, the two options available for research visiting students are (1) Twin Room, and (2) Quad Room. After the online application deadline, requests for changing room preferences will no longer be accepted. 
  • The results of the dormitory arrangement are usually announced 2~4 weeks before the start of the program. You may check the result on the application system and will be notified via email. You will only receive our notice if you are assigned a dormitory; you will not receive a notification if there is no dormitory available.
  • Please be aware that university dormitories can only accommodate you during your program period. If you plan to arrive earlier or depart later than the designated period, you will be responsible for arranging your own housing.
  • If you would like to search for off-campus accommodation, you can refer to  the Off-campus Accommodation page for some useful information.


Program Contact

International Student and Scholar Services

Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University

T: +886 (0)2 3366 2007 ext. 344



Last update : 2023 / 09 / 19