Campus map 

Before you get familiar with the NTU campus, or every time you need to check for a new campus place, we encourage you to use the Interactive NTU Campus Map. It is a handy tool that includes all the essential information about the NTU buildings, services and facilities. 

You can download the digital fiiles of the campus map on the NTU website. Below you can check the NTU Campus in the Taipei City Map. 


The University Library System has 6 major branch libraries, including the Main Library, Social Sciences Library, Law Library, Medical Library, the Gallery of NTU History, and the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center. With 2.4 million volumes, NTU's Main Library is the largest university library in Taiwan. It has a rich multimedia center and a 24-hour study room, providing the perfect place for students to prepare for classes or conduct research.

All libraries are located on the Main Campus, except for the Medical Library which is located on the Downtown Campus. Some departments such as the Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, and Department of Chemistry have their branch libraries.

For more information, visit the NTU Library website.


Sports Facilities

NTU provides a variety of sports facilities, such as track and field, outdoor Olympic swimming pool, as well as courts and sports grounds for sports like basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, tennis, baseball, softball, handball, etc. NTU students can borrow sports equipment such as balls, racquets and other sports equipment at the designated spots. All the sports facilities are free for NTU students, but some require registration.

The NTU campus also holds a large sports center which provides a large number of indoor sports facilities, auch as a weight room, indoor badminton, table tennis and basketball courts, dance and martial arts rooms as well as a heated swimming pool.

All international students are welcome to join the student sports clubs, to practice their favorite sports or try a new sport. NTU also has university sports teams for most popular sports that international students are more than welcome to join.

For more information, please visit the Sports Center website.


Health and Counseling Services 

A healthy mind in a healthy body is crucial for a happy and productive academic life. NTU students can reach for the NTU health services whenever they need it during their studies. Health services are offered in both Chinese and English and are free or provide discounts for students. 

NTU Health Center

NTU Health Center is located right next to the Main Library on the Main Campus of our university. The Health Center provides discounts for NTU students for the health services even if the students are already covered by the National Health Insurance (NHI).  

The NTU Health Center mainly offers primary heath care services provided by family medicine specialists. Doctors from other fields like dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, etc are also present in the clinic. The Health Center also has pharmacists, nutritionists and physical therapists. 

Vist the Health Center website for more information or to make an appointment. 


Student Counseling Center

The NTU Student Counseling Centers helps students with any adjustment problems they may encounter during their stay at NTU. The Center actively promotes students' mental health and psychological well-being and organizes workshops and guest lectures. Professional psychologists and social workers offer the best support for all the students. Counseling is available in both Chinese and English. The center also holds the Office of Disability Support Services to provide support for students with disabilities.

Visit the Student Counseling Center website for more information. 

Banking Services

During your studies in Taiwan, you might need to open a local bank account. You can find the banking services on the NTU campus or in the vicinity of the NTU campus. 

How to Open a Bank Account

To open a bank account, bring the original and the copy of both your passport and ARC (Alien Resident Card) and at least a 100 NTD deposit to the bank. Students who can not have an ARC can apply for the UI No. (ROC Identification Number) at the Immigration Agency. A local ID number will significantly speed up the process of opening a bank account. 

It is strongly recommended that you apply for an ATM bank card when opening the bank account, so you can withdraw money anytime. ATMs can be found inside most convenience stores in Taipei. For on-campus ATM locations plese check the Interactive NTU Campus Map and click on Service.  

Notice for Underage Students:  If you are under 18, you are not considered a legal adult under the Taiwanese law. You wil need a letter of consent from your guardian in Taiwan or an embassy-approved overseas legal guardian (for example your parent). It is often easier to solicit the parental or legal consent before you come to Taiwan. Here you can download a Sample Statement Form for reference.


Banking Services on Campus

  1. NTU Post Office (provides banking services)
    Location: N12 of NTU map
    Tel: +866 (0)2 2363 3435
    Fax: +866 (0)2 2363 2821 

  2. MRT Gonguan St. Post Office (provides banking services)
    Location: MRT Gongguan Station (Exit 3) 
    Tel: +866 (0)2 2363 3435
    Fax: +866 (0)2 2363 2821 

  3. Hua Nan Bank Taita Branch
    Location: S43 of NTU map
    Tel: +886 (0)2 2363 1478
    Fax: +886 (0)2 2363 9657

  4. E-Sun Bank NTU Branch
    Location: S24 of NTU map
    Tel: +886 (0)2 2368 1313 

Currency Exchange

If you need to exchange foreign currency into New Taiwan Dollars( NTD ), please keep in mind that most banks only have USD, HKD and Japanese Yuan available. Only the head office of Taiwan Bank offers other currencies. You are required to bring your passport or ARC in order to exchange foreign currencies. Below you can find the spots where you can exchnage currency. 

  1. Hua Nan Bank NTU Branch
    Exit to the Lu Ming Hall ( 鹿鳴堂 ) on the NTU campus.

  2. The Head Office of Taiwan Bank
    No.120, Sec.1, Zhong-Qing South Rd., Taipei. (near MRT Taipei Railway Station).

  3. The Head Office of the Shanghai Commercial Saving Bank
    No.2, Sec.1, Min-Quan East Rd., Taipei (near MRT Min-Quan West Rd. Station).

Digital Resources

Computing and Printing Services

The Computer and Information Networking Center provides 24-hour computer rooms that can be accessed using your student ID. Furthermore, all libraries are equipped with computers to browse the online library catalogue. Printing, copying and scanning machines can be found in all libraries, and there are several printing shops located on campus that provide discounts for NTU students.


NTU Account, Webmail, Cloud Storage and Software

NTU students can use their student accounts to access their e-mail account and cloud storage space. All important announcements and academic information are sent to the NTU account. The NTU student account is also used for course registration and other administrative procedures. In addition, you can use your NTU account to download software for personal use.


NTU WiFi, VPN and Eduroam

NTU students can access the NTU Campus Wireless Network. To do it they just need to use the same login and password they have for the NTU account (myNTU or NTU email). 

Students who are not on campus can access the NTU network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is useful especially if they want to use NTU's digital resources while not being on campus. To check how to activate the VPN please visit the page here. 

Additionally, NTU students can use their student account to log into the eduroam network. Eduroam is a Wi-Fi roaming service that allows to access wireless internet at educational institutes globally.  

Digital Learning Resources

An increasing number of NTU's high-quality courses and lectures are accessible online — for both NTU students and non-students. NTU's academic content can be found on the following platforms:

NTU Speech

NTU Speech is an archive and live-streaming platform for speeches held at NTU. It currently holds more than 2,500 speeches, including speeches by Nobel laureates.

NTU OpenCourseWare

NTU OpenCourseWare is NTU's homegrown platform for online courses and lectures with over 200 courses are available online. As a university that considers open access to education important, NTU is a member of the Open Education Consortium

NTU MOOC x Coursera

NTU is the only university in Taiwan to be invited to join the online learning platform Coursera. Over 50 courses are currently offered, and over 24,000 students have completed courses with over 4,000 students having purchased certificates of completion.

Distance Learning

NTU distance learning allows students to attend synchronous classes with students from prestigeous universities from around the world. The Computer and Information Networking Center has a special-purpose classroom equipped with large screen, projectors, TV sets, camcorders and control booth. Past distance learning courses can be found on the NTU OpenCourseWare website.


Useful Spaces

Prayer Room

NTU provides 2 prayer rooms for application. If you would like to register for the prayer rooms, please fill out the form. You can swipe your student ID card to enter the rooms once the access has been approved and get a notification by email.

  1. BOYA Lecture Building 1 Floor next to room 101Map
  2. NTU Main Library B1 floorMap

Last update : 2023 / 09 / 13