National Health Insurance

Background and Regulation

Following Taiwan government regulations, international students must register for health insurance during their stay in Taiwan. Students staying in Taiwan with a valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for over six months continuously must enroll in National Health Insurance (NHI). Students must register for Group Medical Insurance if they do not have NHI.

Requirements for NHI Registration:
A person who has, after receiving an ARC, stayed in Taiwan for six consecutive months (starting from the ARC issue date), or exited Taiwan only once, for fewer than 30 days, within a period amounting to six months after the number of days that they have been away from Taiwan is deducted.

Payment Details

The National Health Insurance (NHI) fee will be included in your tuition fee each semester. The fee is NTD 826 per month (following NHI regulations), amounting to NTD 4,956 per semester.

Guide to NHI Registration at NTU

  1. For newly enrolled students who are currently not registered to NHI:
    • Please complete and submit the NHI IC card application form to OIA after you receive your ARC. OIA will register you for NHI and apply for NHI card once you have remained in Taiwan with a valid ARC for over six months. The National Health Insurance Administration is in charge of the NHI card application review and issuance. OIA will inform students by email once we receive the NHI card from the NHI Administration.
  2. For students who are registered to NHI at another university/institution/company but need to transfer their policy to NTU:
    • Please apply for a certificate/proof of NHI transfer-out from your previous institution and submit the document to OIA for the NHI tranfer procedures.
  3. For students who are registered to NHI at another university/institution/company but do NOT need to transfer their policy to NTU (i.e. dependent or employed by a company):
    • Please provide a certificate/proof of NHI registration at another institution and notify OIA. Kindly check your tuition fees (insurance fee) at the beginning of every semester to avoid NHI double payment.

NHI Transferring Out from NTU

  1. Leave of absence, withdrawal, or graduation:
  2. Transferring to another university/institution/company:
    • Please visit OIA in person to complete your NHI deregistration and refund procedure.
    • Please apply for the certificate of NHI deregistration from OIA and submit the document to your new university/institution/company to complete the NHI transfer procedure.

Renewal of NHI Card

If you need to renew your NHI card due to loss or damage of the card, please vist and apply for card renewal at National Health Insurance Administration (information below). The renewal fee is NTD 200.

For more information, please contact National Health Insurance Administration - Taipei Division

Address: 5th to 9th floor, No 15-1, Gong Yuan Rd, Taipei (close to Taipei Main Station, exit M8)
Tel: 02-2191-2006; 0800-030-598
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am-12.30pm; 1.30pm-5.30pm

Last update : 2023 / 06 / 21