Work Permit

For you, as an international students who wish to work in Taiwan (either on campus or off campus), you are required to apply for and obtain the work permit before starting work. Please note that if you hold a job without applying for the work permit, you may be fined for NT$30,000 to NT$150,000 and ordered to leave the country immediately.

Work permit online application system (International Degree Student Only)

  1. To apply for a work permit online, create an account on the Workforce Development Agency website and follow the instructions in the manuals to submit an application.

    Work Development Agency EZ Work Permit

          a. Workforce Development Agency EZ Work Permit Manual
          b. Workforce Development Agency EZ Work Permit Manual for International Students at NTU

  1. For the "Faculty" field in the form, please fill in the FULL department name. 
  2. After you have submitted the online application, inform the administrative staff at your department that you have submitted an application so they may begin the approval process.
  3. The OIA will inform you by email when the OIA has received your work permit from the Workforce Development Agency.

Work Permit Application 

1. Account Application (For first time applicants. If you already have an account, please refer to #2.)

(1)Online application website: Workforce development agency Enter the website, and click on the “Work Permit for Foreign Students, Overseas Chinese Students and Ethnic Chinese Students” button.
(2) Click “Apply for an account”
(3) Read the statement, and click “Apply”
(4) Fill in the blanks; fields marked with “*” is required. Please pay attention to the words in RED! After completing the form, click “confirm” to finish applying for an account.

2. Work Permit Application

(1) Online application website: Workforce development agency  Enter the website, and click “Work Permit for Foreign Students, Overseas Chinese Students and Ethnic Chinese Students” button as following.
(2) Enter your account information and sign in.
(3) Select “案件新增及管理”→ “260_Student Application Management.”
(4) Click “add application.”, a window will pop up asking if you agree to have an electronic work permit. Click on "Yes" if you do.The new service begins on 2020, January 1st. Please refer to Electronic Service of Student Work Permit file

(5) Select application type as “work permit” and click “add”
(6) Complete the application form.
- blanks with “*” is compulsory. 
- Click “save application” to save the information you have filled. 
- For“Faculty,” you must:
    1) use Chinese 
    2) fill in the full title of your department, which can be found on your department website or your student ID card.

(7) Click the “upload file” tab to switch to the documentation page.
(8) Upload the required documentations as stated in file title.  “Photocopy of student ID card”, “Photocopy of passport”, “Front and back of photocopy of the ARC”and“Certificate of Enrollment(在學證明)” are required. Please upload the post office payment receipt at "Others". After you have uploaded the required documents, click “confirm”.

Note: For“Photocopy of student ID card” file, you need to upload a scan of your student ID card and a current “Certificate of Enrollment(在學證明)”.

(9) To complete your application, you have to pay the examination fee via post office, then fill in payment information found on the transaction receipt.

(10) After completing all procedures, click “submit for school examination”.
(11) Application will then be ready for review by the relevant offices.

Application for a “Certificate of Enrollment.”

1. Website: myNTU > ePortfolio Enter the website and click on “Sign-in”
2. Once sign-in, click on “Grade Inquiry” from the side bar.
3. Click on “在學證明” (*only Chinese website available)
4. Enter your English name in the form provided, then click on “列印在學證明”. *Please enter the English name shown on your student ID card!

Note: During Winter or Summer Vacation, it may not able to download the “Certificate of Enrollment” on NTU ePortfolio, please contact Office of Academic Affairs (Graduate Division for graduate students or Undergraduate Division for undergraduate students) regarding this issue. 

Other Regulations

  1. The maximum work hours are 20 hours per week, except during summer and winter vacation.
  2. According to Employment Services Act, if you work without a work permit, you will be fined from NT 30,000 to NT150,000 and ordered to leave the country immediately.
  3. According to the "Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers", you can apply for the student work permit only if you are officially enrolled as a degree student in any university or have taken one-year language course in Taiwan.
  4. You should return the work permit (if valid) to the OIA if you suspend or discontinue their schooling.
  5. For applications made in the first semester, the work permit is valid until March 31th of the next semester; for applications made in the second semester, the work permit is valid until September 30th of the same year. The period validity of a work permit is six months at most.
  6. If you would like to get the permit in person, please fill in the relevant declaration form and hand in the documents at the designated counter of Workforce Development Agency. You have to bring the receipt to get the permit at the counter by the appointed deadline. The Workforce Development Agency will send the permit as a registered mail if you did not receive the permit before the certain date.

For more details and regulations, please contact Workforce Development Agency

  1. Website:
  2. Address: 10F, No. 39, Chung-Hwa Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei City, Taiwan (ROC)
  3. TEL: (02) 8995-6000(02) 23801712
  4. Office Hour: Monday to Friday, 8:30-12:30, 13:30-17:30
  5. Office Hours for Application Submission in Person: Monday to Friday, 8:30-17.30
  6. E-mail:
  7. For the complete regulation, please refer to: Ministry of Labor Employment Service Act 

Last update : 2021 / 03 / 05