NTU International New Coming Students Health Exam Instruction

Step 1. Download the Form and Complete the Health Exam

All the National Taiwan University International Students General Health Exam Form  needs to be completed in Taiwan. Please download the NTU International Students General Health Exam Form and go to the Hospital to do the Health Exam accordingly:

Bachelor's degree NTU General Health Exam Form

Mater and PhD's Degree NTU General Health Exam Form 

Step 2. Complete the Health Exam

Bachelor students Health Examination on August 30 at NTU Health Center

Master and PhD Students Health Examination at NTU Hospital from June 2- August 30

Step 3.  Complete the Online Survey

Please log in to myNTU with your student ID, find the icon below after August 8, 2024, and complete it.

Bachelors: Health Survey for Undergraduate 

Masters and PhDs: Health Survey for Graduate  

Step 4. Upload the Completed Health Exam Report to the System

Please upload the colored scaned PDF file of the completed NTU General Health Exam Form in the Online Registration System during the Online Registration Period. If your NTU General Health Exam Form is issued after the Online Registration Period, please upload the examination fee payment receipt into the Online Registration System and upload the completed form before September 13, 2024 to myNTU (https://my.ntu.edu.tw/) > Students > Health Survey for Graduate  

For more detailed information about the Health Exam, please contact the NTU Health Center:

Bachelor: Nurse Chien-Hui CHAN
Tel: 02-3366-2161

Master and PhD: Nurse Yu-Hsien Ho
Email: hoyuhsien@ntu.edu.tw 
Tel: 02-33662169

Last update : 2024 / 05 / 14