Student Activities and Organizations

Student Clubs

Are you worried you may not find anything to do during your stay at NTU or won't be able to make new friends? Don't be! NTU has more than 400 student clubs, covering a wide range of interests and activities. Student clubs will allow you to meet many new friends, both local Taiwanese and international students, who share the same interests. Or, you can use this opportunity to try out new hobbies! With this many clubs you will definitely find a second home at NTU, no matter what your interests are. If you can't find a club to suit your interests, you can also start your own club.

NTU student clubs are divided into 8 categories: physical training (focused on sports and exercise), service (doing community and campus service activities), social development (for people coming from the same hometown, country or school), entertainment (for ), academic (for more intellectually-focused activities and discussions), art (for the creation and appreciation of various forms of art and media), autonomy (these are clubs affiliated with faculties and departments), and composite (for clubs that do not neatly fit into one of the other categories).

If you want more information about the clubs present at NTU or learn more about other activities organized for students, check out the Student Activity Division website.

Taiwan Hostfamily Program

If you, as an international student, would like to have an inside view of what life in Taiwan is, at the same time getting to know more about the politics, history, economy and other aspects of Taiwan's society, then you should certainly consider participating in the activities organized by Taiwan Hostfamily Program.

The Taiwan Hostfamily Program aims to provide an environment for overseas students so they can "Know Taiwan, Experience Taiwan", by having students stay with host families in Taiwan. This will have a positive effect on the language learning and cultural experience of overseas students in Taiwan, while also promoting understanding of Taiwan internationally. An atmosphere of multiculturalism can be formed as a result of bringing Taiwan host families and overseas students together.

For more information, please refer to Taiwan Hostfamily Program website.

Last update : 2020 / 10 / 27