General and Enhancing Chinese

For 2021 Fall semester, NTU will offer online General and Enhancing Chinese Courses for NTU international students who are unable to enter Taiwan. For international students in Taiwan, courses will be offered in-person.

IMPORTANT: Online REGISTRATION for General & Enhancing Chinese Courses

New incoming international students who requested to apply for General and Enhancing Chinese Course will receive a follow up email for registration. Students must follow the email instruction and submit the completed registration form online before 12:00(noon), August 22, 2021.

After registration, individual student will receive another email instruction to take Online Placement Test on September 18. You will be assigned with specific time slot between 9:00am to 3:00pm (Taipei, Taiwan time) to take this test.

For international students entering second year of study or above, please contact to apply for General and Enhancing Chinese Course before August 22.


NTU provides international students an opportunity to take Chinese courses with credits. International students studying at NTU can take the General Chinese courses for up to one year. 

The difference between General Chinese and Enhancing Chinese

How to enroll in General Chinese Course

Important Dates

Course Information

General Chinese Course Syllabi

General Chinese & Enhancing Chinese Course

General Chinese

General Chinese Course is a 3-credit course for international students who wish to learn/improve their Chinese language skills. Students learn 6 hours of Chinese language training in class per week.

Enhancing Chinese

Students who wish to practice more can take Enhancing Chinese Course in addition to General Chinese Course. Enhancing Chinese Course provides 1- credit for 4 hours of Chinese language training per week.

*Students who take Enhancing Chinese Course must enroll in General Chinese Course in the same semester. 


How to Enroll in General Chinese Courses

Online Placement Test for 2021 Fall semester

General Chinese Courses can be only added by NTU staff after students submit the registration form.

Students who wish to take the course are required to come to NTU in person for registration and to take the placement test on the designated date and place.

*Before new semester starts, NTU will do a "General Chinese course survey" whether via online system or form to know if students want to take the course.

Important Dates (To be updated)

Below are the important dates for the 1nd semester 2020/2021 to register for General Chinese Course.

One Week Before the Semester Starts
Saturday, September 18 General Chinese Course Registration & Placement Test
Time & Place : 9:00 / N/A
(Online Placement Test for 2021 Fall semester)
Week One
Sunday, September 26
  • Students must check their assigned class on the Course Selection System. ( Please note that any time conflicts with your class schedule is NOT allowed )
  • Students can check their assigned course information at : > News
Week Two
Wednesday, September 29 General Chinese Courses begin
Thursday, September 30 Enhancing Chinese Courses begin
Tuesday, October 5 Deadline to switch class with Authorization Code from instructor
Wednesday, October (3:00AM) Deadline of adding classes on the Course Selection System
Week Three
Thursday, October 7 (8:00AM) Deadline of dropping classes on the Course Selection System
Wednesday,  October 6 to
Tuesday,  October 12
Application period for "manual course add"
Tuesday,  October 12 to
Tuesday,  December 7
Application period for class withdrawal

Course Information

Course Name

General Chinese Course


Enhancing Chinese Course
(Optional for those who are also enrolled in the General Chinese Course)

Levels Provided

Elementary Levels 1-3

Intermediate Levels 1-3

Advanced Level




Student no./class



Academic Credits



Class Duration

6 hours/week, 17 weeks

4 hours/week, 17 weeks

Class Times

Elementary /Intermediate /Advanced Levels

Day Class
Mon, Wed, Fri: 8:10 to 10:00

Tue, Thu 8:10 to 10:00

Elementary Levels

Evening Class 
Mon, Wed: 18:25 to 21:05

Intermediate /Advanced Levels

Evening Class 
Tue, Thu: 18:25 to 21:05


  1. NTU international students are eligible to take NTU General Chinese Courses up for one year. Students who have taken General/Enhancing Chinese Courses in the first semester will be automatically enrolled in the second semester to the next level. Please confirm your Chinese courses on the Course Selection System at the end of Week One. 
  2. Morning and evening classes offer the same content at the same level. They only differ in their class time.
  3. General Chinese Courses at NTU award no more than three credits; however, your home institution may reevaluate or determine your transfer credits differently.
  4. Enhancing Chinese Courses at NTU award one credit; however, your home institution may reevaluate or determine your transfer credits differently.
  5. Your Chinese placement test results will appear on the NTU course selection system one week after you take the test. Please make sure to check your results on the Course Selection System. If you would like to add, drop, or change the course, please follow NTU course selection procedure before the deadline.
  6. If you have any time conflicts between General Chinese Course and/or Enhancing Chinese Course and other NTU courses, both classes will be cancelled. Any time conflict will not be accepted by the course selection system.
  7. To change courses during the online add/drop period, please follow the NTU course selection procedure before the deadline. First, request for the authorization code from the professor/instructor. Second, drop the conflicted course online. Finally, add the new course online with the authorization code.
  8. Those who do not attend the General Chinese Course are not able to take the Enhancing Chinese Course.
  9. If you are a degree student, you may enroll in General Chinese Courses from the first semester and take the course continuously up to 2 semesters.


Course Syllabi

General Chinese Course  [ English Syllabus ]   [ Chinese Syllabus ]

Enhancing Chinese Course   English Syllabus  ]   [  Chinese Syllabus  ]

Last update : 2021 / 08 / 27