Before Arrival

Online Pre-arrival Survey for New International Students

Please log in to the survey below and complete it before the designated deadlines in order to have a smooth entry to NTU:

Online Pre-arrival Survey for New International Students 

Guidebook for International Degree Students

2021/2022 Guide for International Degree Students

Degree Verification

You are required to show your verified diploma and transcript during NTU's Registration Days. Please note that you will not be able to complete the registration procedure during Registration Days unless you present all the verified documents.

Foreign Degree Verification

In addition, you should have all foreign diplomas and transcripts verified by the Taiwan Embassy/Mission in the country of the institution and show them on Registration Days. If the transcripts and diplomas (or graduation certificates) are not in Chinese or English, please verify the original documents and the translation of the documents before you arrive in Taiwan.

Mainland Chinese Degree Verification

Verification procedure for mainland Chinese diplomas is different from the General Degree Verification.
For  Bachelor, Master and PhD degree from mainland China verification, please refer to “ Verification Procedure for Mainland Chinese Academic Qualifications ”
For High School graduation Certificate and transcript verification, please refer to " Verification Procedure for Mainland Chinese High School Academic Qualifications

Hong Kong and Macao Degree Verification

Verification procedure for Hong Kong and Macao diplomas is different from the General Degree Verification. For more information please refer to “ Regulations Governing the Examination and Recognition of Educational Qualifications from Hong Kong and Macao”

Course Enrollment

The course enrollment process consists of three parts:

First Course Selection Period, Second Course Selection Period, and the Drop/Add Period after the school semester starts. Please refer to Courses for more information, and for other relevant dates concerning course registration, please refer to Important Dates for International Students.

Online Course Selection System

Go to >> Students >> Curriculum >> "Online Course Selection System I / II" .

The User ID is your NTU student ID number with the first letter in lowercase.

The default password is an “a” plus your date of birth. (For example, if you were born on January 22, your password would be a0122.)

Resident Visa and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

Resident Visa

Visa is a required document for entering Taiwan. We recommend you to apply for Resident Visa because it is also a required document when you apply for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) later on. Even you are from a visa-free country, we still recommend you to apply for Resident Visa in advance. Otherwise, you may need to leave the country or go through other formalities to apply for ARC.

For more information: Resident Visa

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

The Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) serves as the ID card that proves your resident status in Taiwan. It is a very important document and we advise you to take good care of it and pay attention to its expiration time.

For more information: Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

Credit Transfer

Possible credits that can be transferred include subjects and credits completed with passing grades before transferring to NTU and those completed during study abroad while a student at NTU. Credit transfer eligibility will be processed based upon the University’s Guidelines for Credit Transfer. Please log in to myNTU >  Credit Transfer Application 
Please refer to myntu >> Courses >> Credit Transfer Application & NTU Office of Academic Affairs' website (Calendar) to check on the application date.


Student Volunteer

To help you to be familiar with NTU student life, and assist you during your stay at NTU, OIA provides you an NTU current student volunteer to help you. Your volunteer can help you in both academic and practical matters in NTU and Taiwan such as operating the complicated Online Courses Selection System, give you some useful tips in choosing courses.

If you have had already applied for one, we hope you have a good time with your volunteer; if you have not and you are willing to get one, please refer to Ms. Lily Hsu at

NTU International Students Facebook Group

In order to provide a more effective service, we created a Facebook group, NTU International Students.

The Facebook group welcome all international students including degree students, exchange students, and visiting students at NTU. Please send a request to our group so we can add you.

In this group, OIA will post useful information about activities on campus as well as any relevant announcements that you may need to know. The group also functions as a community for international students to interact, share, and chat with one another.

We hope that you will find the group useful!

Last update : 2021 / 08 / 10